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Ruth doing the mermaid exercise on a floor mat in group pilates classes at Free2Move Physiotherapy Pilates and Feldenkrais North Perth

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Jodie Krantz helping a client with their pilates on a reformer machine in the Clinical Pilates studio at Free2Move. Call 0405 97 2211

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Ruth doing a pilates exercise with a theraband in the Clinical Pilates studio at Free2Move Physiotherapy Mt Hawthorn and North Perth

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Welcome to Free2Move Physiotherapy, Pilates and Feldenkrais

At Free2Move Physiotherapy North Perth our experienced Physiotherapists provide skillful diagnosis and effective hands-on treatment to help you get lasting results in the shortest possible time. We also follow up with an exercise programme designed to address the underlying causes of your problem, putting you in charge of your health.

Our ‘new’ premises are in Vincent St North Perth, right near Hyde Park. Built in 1903, this magnificent house has been beautifully renovated and has full disabled access and facilities.

  • All our Physios keep up to date with the latest scientific research
  • Special interest in solving problems with chronic, persistent or recurrent pain
  • Most appointments are 25 or 40 minutes long – effective treatment takes time
  • All services claimable through Private Health Insurance
  • Warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere


Our Physiotherapists have developed a reputation for being able to solve difficult problems with pain or movement. In many cases this can reduce the need for medication or surgery. One of the reasons we get such good results is that we use a scientific method, which is gradually becoming better known in Perth. The Feldenkrais Method, invented by Dr Moshe Feldenkrais, uses gentle, mindful movement to access neuroplasticity, (the ability of the brain and nervous system to change its own structure and function.) Read more

All our Physios are trained Clinical Pilates instructors. If you are experiencing pain, Clinical Pilates with a Physiotherapist is a safer and more specific way to retrain your core strength and promote good postural awareness. Our depth of understanding of normal movement patterns helps us to guide you safely back to fitness and health from even the most difficult of conditions or injuries.

Educate, motivate, empower.